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Baccarat Oil (15ml)Baccarat Scented Essential Oil

Baccarat Oil (15ml)

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Baccarat Oil (30ml)Baccarat Essential Oil, High Quality Aromatherapy Oil

Baccarat Oil (30ml)

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Baccarat Reed Diffuser (200ml)Baccarat Scented Reed Diffuser Australia

Baccarat Reed Diffuser (200ml)

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Baccarat Room Spray (50ml)Baccarat Scented Room Spray for Home

Baccarat Room Spray (50ml)

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The Creation

"Saffron and Jasmine lead this scent, followed by Amberwood and Ambergris. Finishing notes of Fig, Resin and Cedar complete the concotion."

The Inspiration

"The blitzed almonds seeped through the filtering cloth and engulfed the bowl. Infused with attentiveness and purpose, coupled with a scrape of vanilla bean. Slightly burnt coffee filled the room, and stained the wooden walls with distinction. The almond brew enacted as a partner to the dark liquid, crafting a warm embrace. Taking refuge in the feeling of home was made simple by this cup of neutral hue."

"The actual scent of the fragrance is excellent, it smells like a fresh, earthy hotel lobby."

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