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Offer for our Scent Australia Customers


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Thank you for choosing our business to support yours. We value your patronage and want to show our appreciation by inviting you to explore premium quality home scenting products from our sister company Scent Australia Home. Current Scent Australia Customers are eligible to receive 25% off the entire order for your first order when you register.

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Choose from our range of diffuser oils, room sprays, reed diffusers, and our new technologically advanced smart range. Check the full range below.

Best Sellers

Diffuser Oils

Dictate your day with decadence. From citrus infusions to deep complex profiles – we offer diverse atmospheric enhancers for all. Find your fragrant fit with our Daily, Luxury and Premium Micro Oils.

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Room Sprays

Our fragrance profiles diverge into the silhouette of scented Room Sprays. For the seekers of atmospheric expression, find your favourite Micro Oil infusion in a mobile form.

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Reed Diffusers

Our glass reed diffusers are elegant and sophisticated & are supplied with 200ml of essential oilf rom our extensive range of diffuser oils.

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Powered Diffusers


Scent diffusers with various power options: mains power or electric, rechargeable battery or USB power. It's your choice.

You also choose one of our Daily or Luxury diffuser oils from our range of quality scented aroma oils developed by a master perfumer.

One choice of a  Daily or Luxury diffuser oil is included in the cost.

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Smart Range Oils

Earthy, sweet, spicy or uplifting. Decide the mood of the room with scent. Our Smart Range of oils is designed to be used with our Smart Diffuser for a complete sensory experience.

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