Scent Diffuser Small Electric Diffuser

The Small Scent Diffuser is an electric diffuser or scent diffusion system which uses "submicron micro diffusion technology" which provides the most effective and safe fragrance diffusion for a scented room. The advantages of the micro diffusion method include minimal liquid consumption rate which has several advantages over other fragrance dispenser systems.

This electric diffuser has quiet, smooth operation and 250 ml. custom scent refills last about two months when used 10 hours a day.

The consumption rate of scent in this electric fragrance dispenser is between 0.3 ml. to 0.5ml per hour and it is adjustable.

Even with a slightest natural air movement in a large room, the scented air particles easily travel in thin air and then evaporate without leaving any trace or residue. This is called "cold evaporation" or "dry vapor" and is the most effective solution for scented air and room scenters. Since there is no heat used, the chemical properties of the room fragrances are not altered, which provides healthy scent diffusion, and prevents dangerous toxic mutation of chemical properties caused by heat.