Our sense is smell paves a direct neural pathway to our brain’s functionality to create memories. The components of our mind that are responsible for both memory and emotion are thus lead by scent. 

With this field of knowledge at hand, we considered the places where a leading majority of our memories are formed. The home. 

There is an art in perfumery and the evocative power of smell. Utilising our master perfumer, we set out to elevate the ordinary by transcending day-to-day practices into unforgettable experiences.  

We aim to facilitate the masses to create meaningful episodic memories through our range of bespoke scents. We pride ourselves on creating refined product ranges with the sharpest ingredients that hit diverse margins.

We invite you, through our fragrances, to an exciting manner of living that only those who experience it will comprehend. 

The atmospheric revolution is here. 
Welcome, to Scent Australia Home.

Fragrance Safety Considerations

All of Scent Australia's aromas comply with the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

IFRA was founded in 1973, and developed an international Code of Practice and safety standards for the fragrance industry. Members of national associations belonging to IFRA must only use fragrance ingredients that do not pose a risk to human health or to the environment.