Aqua Positano Spray Sample - Designer Range (2ml)


Sourced from our exclusive French perfumery - we welcome you to experience the gold standard of redolence with Aqua Positano.
The Creation

Aqua Positano invigorates with top notes of bergamot and pink pepper. Refreshing middle notes of eucalyptus, fresh white flowers and violet give way to a finale of benzoin, modern woods, and white musk.

The Inspiration
"Fresh flowers of white and purple grew at the shore, filling the air with sweet celebration. Sunlight danced upon their skin, awash with the pink and yellow of a summer afternoon sky. The waves lapped nearby, seeming to beckon them with playful invitation. They laughed, carefree, and together, tiptoed into the warm water."
Oil Quantity

Product details
SKU: SAH1073
Barcode: 9352292100748

Country of Origin

PLEASE NOTE:Spray samples containan oil/carrier mixso theycan spray effectively.This substance is not suitable for diffusers.See ouroils rangefor diffuser-appropriate oils.

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