Best Mum In The World


Best Mum In The World - $180

  • Santal 66 Oil
  • Beach Party Oil
  • Jardin de Carthage Reed Diffuser
  • Baccarat Room Spray

A premium aromatic assortment from our highest quality tier, just for Mother‚' s Day.

Fragrant formulas to express thanks and appreciation for a lifetime of generosity, love and sacrifice. The ‚ÄòBest Mum In The World‚' bundle holds a sensual background from our premium selection of oils, diffusers and room sprays.

Featuring a warm and smokey sweetness that lingers with exuberance, housed in our Santal 66 oil. Find a desirous ambience of musk and amber, with harmonious fruity notes in our Beach party oil. Our Jardin de Carthage Reed Diffuser houses an aura of energy and ability. Saffron and Jasmine lead the scent of our Baccarat Room Spray, crafting a warm embrace through this oriental floral inspired fragrance.

Gift your mum the sweet scent of love with a package that crowns the nature of crisp, sensual opulence.

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