Blue Grass Reed Diffuser (200ml)


The Creation:

The wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass.

The Inspiration:

"I diverged into the seeds of the earth. The wet greenery engulfed me, and offered internal peace. I grasped the grass and pulled at the life that lay below me. I yearned for reposefulness through the everyday traffic of livelihood, and within this moment, it was allowed. How alluring the nature-driven perspective is, after being dismissed by clouded thoughts and trivial chores. I pondered, and came to recognise the parallels. I’m simply a singular sprouting soul, amongst billions of others, attempting to grow against harsh conditions. Yet despite the challenges, quietude can still be found. I may just acquaint here for a little while."

Oil Quantity
15 ml

Country of Origin

United States

*Please note only natural reeds are available*

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