Bohemian Dream Room Spray (50ml)

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The Creation:

Dream of a chill lifestyle and embrace your nomadic nature. Bracing juniper and sunny citrus lift a relaxed warmth and richness with amber adding a sensual, exotic sweetness to the buttery-soft smoothness of this luxurious and romantic scent.

The Inspiration:

" Nestled in a lush orchard and wildflower meadow, the sun warms my face as I sip coffee on the caravan steps, savouring moments like these while watching the embers of our campfire fade with the end of the day. Soon it’s time to retire to a romantic gypsy trailer with its detailed Romany interior, worn velvet cushions, mismatched crockery, and vintage linens. Opulent and intoxicating, bewitching notes of pine needles, sandalwood, and amber blend with sweet incense and comforting vanilla and surround me with a truly magical scent. "

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