Bois de Jasmin Reed Diffuser Refill Oil (500ml)


The Creation

Bois de Jasmin houses notes of Bergamot, Peony and Sandalwood to create an essence of luxury and effortless style.

The Inspiration

"Bois de Jasmin celebrates curiosity and bespoke beginnings. Heroing wood and jasmine, the foundations for integration are ingrained in the code of the aromatics. By way of illustration; the cabin perched amongst the life of the forest. The home was humbled by the growth that encircled it. Silhouettes of cork oak trees towered over the glass windows that offered a peak to their extremities. A bunch of fresh jasmine flowers familiarised themselves with the pastel vase that held them inside. They dropped around the perimeter of their temporary residence in an attempt to see through those very glass windows to devise dreams of what could’ve been."

Oil Quantity
500 ml

Country of Origin


*Please note only natural reeds are available*


*Please note, this product can not be used in a Micro Diffuser as an oil, as this contains ingredients only suitable for our Reed Diffusers.


*Please note only natural reeds are available*

Fragrance Timeline: Reed Diffusers

The lifetime of the diffuser and scent strength is dependent on the amount of reeds utilised for diffusion. If 100% of reeds are entered when using, a diffusing duration of 4-8 weeks is expected.
Further, this will enhance the intensity of the scent. For prolonged use, Scent Australia Home recommends limiting the amount of reeds used for each diffusion.

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