Dark Orchid 30ml Duo


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2 x 30ml Dark Orchid Oils

Diffuser Adaptability:

Please note: This 30ml oil is only compatible with the Macro Diffuser. It will not fit into the Element or Micro Diffuser. 

The Creation:

This infusion heroes Truffle, Fresh Gardenia, Blackcurrant derivatives, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot and the peel of Mandarin Orange. Amalfi Lemon and Orchid are met with spices and Mexican chocolate to offer a deep complexity. Patchouli, Vanilla and Incense finish the fragrance with opulence.

The Inspiration:

"Hypnotised by the glisten of the moon on a rustling sea. The sparkling radiance infuses onlookers with dream and desire, with inability to conceal such a response. Forbidden tales lace the waves, and break silence on the seashore. Crumbling sand lays below them, consisting of tiny mysteries that are sworn to secrecy. A sea as black as an orchid, yet as alive as the wind."

Oil Quantity
30 ml

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SKU: SAH5438
Barcode: 9360369021544

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United States

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