The ideal accompaniment to a crackling fire. Paired ideally with spiced rum, knitted rugs and mellowed tunes. This luxuriously crafted pack is for the indulgent's. For those who enjoy basking in relaxation and unwinding activities - allow us to elevate your experience. 

Includes 3 scent diffuser fragrance oils, valued at $130.

Greenery, sap and bark create an earthy ambience that brings the outside, in. Infusions of fig promote sweetness as a balancing addition.

This is a fresh, clean vetiver fragrance with some tart citrus in the opening. The citrus subsides after a while and one is left with a very refined scent of vetiver and soft woody notes.

Fresh figs sweeten this rich blend of spiced woods. A heart of burnished leather and earthy patchouli leads to the aromatics of sandalwood and soft moss, with golden amber creating the perfect sweet base.

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