Free 6-pack of Oil Strip Samples


A fragrance strip sample collection of 6 of our most popular fragrances. All fragrances come in sealed foil sample packs to ensure optimal fragrance freshness.

Fragrances in Sample Pack

Dream (Luxury Range)
Ozone, amber, grapefruit, bergamot orange, pepper.

Fig Tree (Luxury Range)
Guava, grapefruit, fig, orange zest, passion fruit.

Jardin De Carthage (Luxury Range)
Rosewood, heliotrope, citrus blossom amber, mixed spices.

White Tea and Ginger Flowers (Luxury Range)
Bergamot orange, mandarin, ginger flowers, white tea. 

Santal 66 (Premium Range)
Sandalwood, cedar, papyrus, leather, amber, violet flowers.

Tabac Amber (Premium Range)
Labdanum, benzoin resin, amber, red cherries, cigar tobacco.

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