French Vanilla Oil Spray Sample (2ml)


The Creation:
This scent connects two orchids to give away the total scent of vanilla. Amber, Tiare Flower and heliotrope enhance the intensity. Notes of rose wood and citrus blossom lead to a confident lightness.
The Inspiration:
"The lustrous syrup dripped from the bottle into the steaming tea. So sensual it appeared, an effort to be free. An essence of vanilla encompassed the air, fit for the occasion of a dream-state stare. The crackling record hummed in the background, and stained in the sun. The desire to be elsewhere; there wasn't one."

Fragrance Notes:
Vanilla, aeranthes orchid flowers, amber, heliotrope.
Oil Quantity
2 ml

Country of Origin


PLEASE NOTE: Spray samples contain an oil/carrier mix so they can spray effectively. This substance is not suitable for diffusers. See our oils range for diffuser-appropriate oils.

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