Hermes Country Travel Spray (10ml) Duo


Product Quantity 

2 x 10ml Hermes Country Travel Sprays 

The Creation

Bitter Brazilian orange, Italian mandarin and Spanish rosemary lead you to a heart of Virginian cedarwood, mint leaves and neroli flowers from Grasse. Oakmoss, patchouli and sheer musks add complexity to the whole fragrance.

The Inspiration

The grass that lay beneath me housed my darkest secrets, and my lightest musings. Hermes Country awaited her, attempting to heal the wounds of a heart so jaded it bled with desire for pain. Daisy chains wrapped her collet age, where natural fragrance infused her skin. She danced to the music of harmonious wind, and frayed the bottom of her transparent dress. If all was dictated by beauty and grace, she would hero the centre-stage. Although bitterness lingers no matter the taste, her colour remains totally opaque.

Oil Quantity
10 ml

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SKU: SAH4686
Barcode: 9360369013976

Country of Origin

United States

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