I Love You Mum


I love you Mum: $118

  • Rose Oil
  • Fig and Sandalwood Oil
  • French Vanilla Reed Diffuser
  • Signature Room Spray

Sweet scents to emulate the sweetness of a mother, housing unmatched quality from our luxury range.

Our ‚ÄòI Love You Mum‚' bundle features sweet sensations, blossoming florals, rich musks, and earthy elements to celebrate femininity in every form.

Nurture a bouquet of luxury with dried floral notes in our Rose Oil. Discover an earthy ambience with our Fig and Sandalwood Oil, promoting a balance of contemporary and robust. Our French Vanilla Reed Diffuser harbours scents of vanilla bean and anise to marry sweet and spice. Reminiscent of a blissful moment, our Signature Room Spray pays homage to a fusion of fresh and floral scents.

Sensual musks add an extra dimension to this especially loving bundle.

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