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Orders with this product will be dispatched from late November 2023

Powered directly by your fingertips, Scent Australia Home introduces our most innovative device yet. Directed through the Scent app, the Smart Diffuser is engineered for total control. Choose your scenting intervals, schedule diffusion time frames and control fragrance strength through the power of bluetooth. Discover new fragrances and order refills directly through the app and unlock daily luxury.

Functionality guided by the Smart Diffuser App

Enabled entirely by bluetooth, we welcome comprehensible capabilities. check the working status of the device, navigate the schedule of the machine, dictate the intensity of the fragrance diffusion, and order new fragrances and refills.

Plug and play setup simply set your desired scent diffusion intervals, plugin, attach a bottle of fragrance and you're ready to diffuse gorgeous scent in your home!

FREE 30ml aroma oil refill of your choice. Simply select the oil from the dropdown menu above the "Add to Cart button".
The Smart Diffuser is designed to last and comes with a complete 1-year mechanical warranty.

Decibel rating

40 dB to learn more click the link here

Download the App

Download the Smart Diffuser App from the App Store

(L)101 x (W)127 x (H) 261mm
Smart Diffuser Voltage
Please note that the Smart Diffuser needs a 12 volt adaptor to work. We have included this in the packaging.
A standard power adaptor is 5V. If you plug the smart diffuser into a standard 5V power adaptor, it will not function properly.

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