Oriente Moderne Reed Diffuser (200ml)


The Creation:

This fragrance intersperses Indian roots with French influence to effect a plush scent worthy of commemoration. This amber chord dates back to the earliest days of fragrance classification, proving the timelessness of the elixir. Orient Moderne celebrates Orange Blossom, Juniper and Sage to present a warming concoction.  

The Inspiration:

She is two-sided, and not to her discredit. Her sweetness is omnipresent, yet she fires promptly. She’s scribed in chapters, a twist in narrative at every page turn. She embodies intoxication, and with that, I am afraid I will never return.  


Fragrance Notes

Amber, Ginger, Vanilla, Leather and Liquor. 

Bio Ethanol

Oil Quantity

Country of Origin


*Please note only natural reeds are available*

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