Orange Verte Reed Diffuser Refill Oil (500ml)


The Creation:

An explosion of citrus notes with orange playing the central role between zests and leaves, lemon, mandarin, mint and blackcurrant bud. Fresh, comfortable, sweet and zesty.

The Inspiration:

"My grandmother used to love oranges. She would bake an orange tart, using fresh citrus from her thriving tree. Her tart base would have fine orange zest, and she would romantically stir freshly squeezed juice into the filling. The fragrance of the tart would stroll down the hall and tap on the spare bedroom door, begging for introduction. A fraction of waste was never allowed, my grandmother vowed, and so the orange tart would evince. I try to make the tart every few months, but I digress, as it would never compare. The only thing I manage to emulate is the fresh zest that envelopes the air."

Bio Ethanol

Oil Quantity
500 ml

Product details
Barcode: 9352292098694

Country of Origin

Made in the United States


*Please note, this product can not be used in a Micro Diffuser as an oil, as this contains ingredients only suitable for our Reed Diffusers.

Fragrance Timeline: Reed Diffusers

The lifetime of the diffuser and scent strength is dependent on the amount of reeds utilised for diffusion. If 100% of reeds are entered when using, a diffusing duration of 4-8 weeks is expected.
Further, this will enhance the intensity of the scent. For prolonged use, Scent Australia Home recommends limiting the amount of reeds used for each diffusion.

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