Rock & Roll Reed Diffuser (200ml)


The Creation: 
Lily, blackcurrant, and bergamot encapsulate the tale of this scent. The crux of this fragrance is infused with rose, gardenia, and orange blossom, with a base of sandalwood, heliotrope, iris and sweet vanilla.
The Inspiration:
"Beneath the soul of rock & roll exists a heart of passion and adoration. Lychee-flavoured lips have kissed the greatest records, where pieces of musicians are contained within their melodies. Music dictates the most unforgettable points in time, recalled only by the opening tunes of each chime. It is naive to underestimate the influence of this art; smell the roses to unroll your euphonious heart."

Bio Ethanol

Oil Quantity
200 ml

Country of Origin


*Please note only natural reeds are available*

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