Santal 66 Candle (200g)


"Santal 66 is inspired by the iconic Santal 33 fragrance by Lelabo, except we sought to make it twice as nice!. Sweet sandalwood, crisp cedar, earthy papyrus, rich leather and heady amber tinged with flecks of summer flowers and mixed spices. The ultimate scent"

Fragrance Notes
Sandalwood, cedar, papyrus, leather, amber, violet flowers.

Our hand poured scented soy candles are made with 100% natural soy wax. They contain no paraffin & are lead free. 

The perfume oil in this candle is incredible in pure form and the cold throw of the candle is authentic.

HOWEVER please be advised the €œHOT SCENT€� throw of this candle is very weak and so we suggest not burning this candle. Suggested uses are to place it inside your wardrobe for a hint of scent only.

Candle Size

Burn Time
60+ hours 

Country of Origin

United States


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