Santal - Limited Edition Reed Diffuser 200ml Reed Diffuser (200ml)


The Creation

Sandalwood and Cedar headline this limited addition creation, complemented by a sensual heart of Amberwood and coriander, and subtle notes of vanilla and musk.

The Inspiration

"Morning had begun to peer across the night sky, stippling the earth with hues of pink and orange. Outside, the fire crackled lazily, barely visible from the night before, but still warm with the smokey sweetness of burnt amber. They lay still, the bed linen tangled between them, and welcomed the morning warmth of a new day. "


Bio Ethanol

Oil Quantity
 200 ml     

Country of Origin


*Please note only natural reeds are available*

Fragrance Timeline: Reed Diffusers

The lifetime of the diffuser and scent strength is dependent on the amount of reeds utilised for diffusion. If 100% of reeds are entered when using, a diffusing duration of 4-8 weeks is expected.
Further, this will enhance the intensity of the scent. For prolonged use, Scent Australia Home recommends limiting the amount of reeds used for each diffusion.

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