Tabac Noir Oil Spray Sample (2ml)


The Creation:
A woody tobacco fragrance with a warm heart of cedar wood and lavandin; complemented by a sensual background of Tonka beans and musks.

The Inspiration:
"He lit a cigarette and held it between his teeth. A drawback was never the purpose, nor was visual appeal. The action of giving power to an inappreciable item, and infusing it with motive was enough. The ache of tobacco infused with neighbouring lavender created a 1950s ambience that cared, with no care at all. A musky sentiment was left in love letter form through the remains of a burnt, but unused cigarette."

Oil Quantity

Country of Origin
United States
PLEASE NOTE: Spray samples contain an oil/carrier mix so they can spray effectively. This substance is not suitable for diffusers. See our oils range for diffuser-appropriate oils.

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