Tropical Cruise Spray Sample (2ml)


The Creation
Notes of peach and nectarine headline Scent Australia’s newest addition, Tropical Cruise. This fresh infusion is at once bright and comfortable, with a touch of grapefruit to invigorate and inspire.
The Inspiration
"The air was warm, tempered by a summer’s breeze. Sunlight danced on the waterfront, intertwined with the pink and blue hue of the setting summer sky. Eyes closed, she felt the cool sand between her toes, and let the lapping tide embrace her. The sea breeze tickled her salty skin, carrying with it a tropical cool and the promise of a new day."
Oil Quantity

Country of Origin
United States

PLEASE NOTE: Spray samples contain an oil/carrier mix so they can spray effectively. This substance is not suitable for diffusers. See our oils range for diffuser-appropriate oils.

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