Vétiver d'Majorca Room Spray (50ml)


The Creation

Fresh and alluring elegance weds focused intensity. Sunny and sweet bergamot meshes with sharp and fruity lemon to lift the grassiness and earthiness of vetiver and patchouli. The mix brings a cheerful, soft piquancy to the sweet and spicy heart of this bright, summery scent.

The Inspiration
" Summer in a carefully preserved three-hundred-year-old farmhouse, located on the southern coast of Mallorca. Relaxing in the citrus, olive, and fig groves, with glorious views to magnificent beaches. We hiked through woodlands in the morning, surrendered to the fresh and intense flavours of local cuisine in the afternoon sea breeze, and swam at dusk at a nearby sheltered cove. Crisp, vital, and potent, the mix of clean citrus, dry grass on a warm day, and sharp, peppery spice, recalls these summers in such detail I am whisked back, whirled around, and released refreshed and energised."

Oil Quantity

Country of Origin


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