Waterfall Oil Spray Sample (2ml)


The Creation
This unique fragrance is brimming with our fresh and unique waterfall accord supported by cyclamen flowers, hints of lemon rinds, stream mint and sheer jasmine.
The Inspiration
"The clear water breathed new life into her skin, as she let it wash over her entire body. The cyclamen flowers and spring that hugged the shore were signs of burgeoning Spring, and perfumed the air with a subtle sweetness. Around her was complete silence, except for the gentle hum of running water as it raced towards the waterfall’s opening. She opened her eyes, embracing the sun and its rays, before plunging her head again beneath the cool stream."

Oil Quantity
Country of Origin

United States

PLEASE NOTE: Spray samples contain an oil/carrier mix so they can spray effectively. This substance is not suitable for diffusers. See our oils range for diffuser-appropriate oils.

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