White Tea & Ginger Flowers Room Spray Duo


Product Quantity 

2 x 50ml White Tea & Ginger Flower Room Sprays  


The Creation

Fresh cut Ginger with Bergamot and Mandarin. The sensual White Tea body is lifted by a crisp Watery Effect given by the Iced Cucumber. White Pepper and Musks add warmth to the background. This is the scent of fresh luxury and opulence.

The Inspiration

"Steam lingered above the porcelain frame of the cup. Painted with light strokes of pastel yellow and emerald green, the final sip left serendipitous white tea leaves relaxed in the base of the cup. A closer inspection on the distribution of each damp leaf forecasted a future instilled with laugher and warmth."

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SKU: SAH4557
Barcode: 9360369012689

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United States

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