5 Areas to Use Room Spray on to Make Your Home Fragrant

Room sprays, which emit a fine mist of fragrance, can be your best friend when it comes to clearing the air in your home. Don’t just keep one around for guests; try keeping a room spray for everyday use.

Many room sprays can provide more control over the volume of smell each time you spray, although the scent may not last as long as room sprays with a chemical propellant.

Here are some places you can use your room spray on.

1) Windows and Curtains

Do you know how the smell of a candle can fill a room and carry through the door? Apply this same principle to the windows and curtains in your home. A room spray will help freshen up your home, but since it’s sprayed on your curtains, it will also help to mask everyday odours.

The smell of linen can make your home smell clean, fresh and relaxing. Just spray your curtains, blinds or window screens or the inside of your windows with a room spray, for a fresh smell.

2) Bed and Pillows

If you have any clothing, linens or pillows that have a musty smell, spray them with a room spray. If they smell fresh and clean, they’re more likely to feel fresh and clean!

Simply spray the inside of your pillows and the outside of your linens and clothing with a room spray for a fresh scent that lingers for a few minutes.

3) Car

An often overlooked area that needs fresh air is the inside of a car. Try spraying the inside of your car with a room spray, before sitting inside.

Not only does this freshen the air in your car, but it’s also a great way to mask stinky odours and smells. Spray the inside of your car and any mats, carpet or fabric with a room spray, to get rid of any smells in your vehicle.

4) Towels and Linens

Let’s face it: our towels can get stinky. Firstly, we use them to dry off after a shower and then we store them in a bathroom without ventilation. Don’t keep smelly towels in your bathroom! Use a room spray to freshen up the air in your bathroom, without having to use an air freshener.

Spray the linens and towels hanging in your bathroom to make them smell fresh and clean. You can also spray the inside of your shower or bathtub to help it smell new and clean. Your towels will smell fresh and clean and will smell nice in your bathroom. It’s also a great way to mask musty smells.

5) Trash Can

You can use a room spray to help the trash can smell fresh. Use a room spray to mask any dust or musty odours in your trash can that can occur over time.

Spray the inside of your trash can with a room spray and you won’t have to worry about any odours. You won’t have to spend time cleaning the trash can out and it will smell clean and smell better than if you didn’t spray it.


You can use room sprays in so many different ways. Like air fresheners, room sprays can make your home smell clean, fresh and relaxing. You’ll be able to find room sprays at most home improvement stores.

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