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Country Linen Oil + FREE Diffuser (12 Month Subscription)Country Linen Oil + FREE Diffuser (12 Month Subscription)

Country Linen Oil + FREE Diffuser (12 Month Subscription)

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Country Linen Oil (15ml)Country Linen Scented Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Country Linen Oil (15ml)

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Country Linen (30ml)Country Linen (30ml)

Country Linen (30ml)

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Country Linen Reed Diffuser (200ml)Country Linen Reed Diffuser Australia

Country Linen Reed Diffuser (200ml)

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The Creation

Invitations of Lemon and Peach are combined with Carnation, Lillies, Rose, Lilac and Jasmine. The freshness of linen amoungst a prospering countryside are made evident through hints of Oakmoss, Vetiver, Cedar and Sandalwood. Closing notes of Honey and Tonka Bean leave you with warmth and comfort, leaving one yearning for more.

The Inspiration

"The bed frame was wrapped with a hug of fresh linen and lingering body warmth. The threaded flowers that lined the duvet coverings were reminiscent of spring time palettes, and a golden summer haze. The nature-filled hum outside was especially alive, and the people rarely phased. The simplicity of residing amongst the trees allowed for happier days. Granted with ability to take one's time, and invest a level of care. The omnipresence of the countryside was filled with blissful air."

“Can’t explain this scent only with magnificent! I’m on my 3rd oil dropper for my diffuser and wish I could have it running all the time. I initially smelt it at my local country road store in TAS.”

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