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Scent Marketing

Imagine walking into a gymnasium and immediately feeling inspired and energized, visiting a healthcare center and breathing in a fresh calming scent, being in a work environment where you feel clear and decisive or going shopping and enjoying the experience.

Scent consultants Scent Australia are Australia's leading full service scent marketing consultancy supplying premium ambient air scenting, custom fragrances and scent marketing solutions for scent and fragance branding. Our diffuser products can also be used as odour eliminators and/or odour neutralisers.

We deliver premium and complex aromas with custom made fragrances to complement and strengthen our clients' brands through reaching their customers on an emotional level.

"From providing 'signature scents' developed by trusted international master perfumers to creating effective solutions to eliminate unwanted odours, Scent Australia is Australia's scent marketing industry leader."

Sell with Smell! Custom fragrance branding with custom scents.

How does scent marketing work? Quite simply, when your business smell great, it strengthens your brand. Ambient scenting or air scenting with our fragrance diffusers or aroma diffusers puts your customers in a great mood, increases dwell time and therefore sales. A great aroma can entice shoppers to your restaurant or cafe or it can validate the wonderful product you offer.

Scent Australia specialises in matching the perfect aroma to your brand as we draw on our library of many hundreds of scents and even custom make scents especially for our clients so you can have your own custom fragrance or custom brand scent. Scent Australia works with consulting master perfumers from the world's top fragrance houses to ensure that each of our customers receives not only the best customer service but also the finest fragrance available and we combine it with the perfect diffuser hardware to scent any application required. You can also have custom fragrances developed for your own unique brand scent.

Types of Scents

Basic scent diffusers often use three to five economical ingredients, whereas high quality perfumes, may contain more than 55 exotic ingredients.

The producers of some of our scent range are also responsible for creating many famous international perfumes for Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Bulgari.

Scent Australia have received requests from some of our clients asking for their own custom scent to be available for sale to their clients. This interest led to the development of scented "brand extensions" room sprays and gift sets.

Scent Marketing safety considerations

All of Scent Australia's aromas comply with the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

IFRA was founded in 1973, and developed an international Code of Practice and safety standards for the fragrance industry. Members of national associations belonging to IFRA must only use fragrance ingredients that do not pose a risk to human health or to the environment.


Scent Australia supply scent marketing solutions across Australia, New Zealand and in selected overseas destination. Our head office and showroom is in Melbourne and we have representatives who service all Australian cities and towns.

We are also well placed to conduct discussions and proposals over the phone and internet and are happy to post scent samples anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Our ambient scenting equipment is easy to use and highly effective. Diffuser equipment and scent can be delivered by our courier with full technical support and backup provided.

Our diffuser equipment is service free and no tools or technical maintenance is required.

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