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Dream Oil (15ml)Dream Scented Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Dream Oil (15ml)

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Dream Oil (30ml)Dream Oil, Scented Essential Oil

Dream Oil (30ml)

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Dream Oil Reed Diffuser (200ml)Dream Oil Reed Diffuser Australia

Dream Oil Reed Diffuser (200ml)

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Dream Room Spray (50ml)Dream Scented Room Spray

Dream Room Spray (50ml)

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The Creation

Our highly seductive fragrance with simple, elegant, aromatic accords of fresh citrus, bergamot, musk, tea, amber and jasmine..”

The Inspiration

"A stainless steel peg gripped the floral print dress that housed a leading colour palette of lime. The clouds above fluffed and scattered, shifted on slower paced time. If I were to dream up my ideal story, then perhaps this would prevail. The hum of the birds against the cerulean sky showcase the simple measures of pleasure, and life is what you perceive it to be."

“I'm hooked on Scents Australia' amazingly sensual and luxurious fragrances. Can't get enough of these wonderful scents! My home smells like a million bucks thanks to SA. "Dream" is a rich, musky and complex fragrance, reminiscent of a sensual masculine cologne. Perfect and divine smell for the house.”

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