Five Similar Scent Australia Home Fragrance To Santal 66

Scent Australia Home Fragrances similar to Santal 66

Scent Australia Home fragrances are unique with their custom blend of scents. The diverse aromas aim to inspire and fill our homes and office space with comforting fragrances. 

The Santal 66 is one such fragrance from Scent Australia Home. The scent features Sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber, and iris. In addition, the fragrance exhibits a smokey sweetness that lingers with exuberance. 

The fragrance isn't only relaxing but luxuriant. It's not surprising that it remains on the list of Scent Australia bestseller diffuser oils

In this article, we recommend five fragrances similar to Santal 66 for our customers who want to try something new, luxurious, and yet similar. Check them out.

Fig & Sandalwood Oil (15ml)

Are you looking for a fragrance for your home that brings the outside in? Fig & Sandalwood oil is a perfect choice, the green fig aroma envelops the space it's being used and creates a cocoon of balmy optimism. 

The scented oil diffuses an earthy ambience created by the greenery, sap, and bark that one can only compare to spring in the Mediterranean. The infusion of fig adds sweetness as a balance. 

Pepperwood Fragrance Oil

Like most aroma oils, pepperwood oil has several benefits. It is commonly used to aid the digestive systems and for medical purposes such as reducing cholesterol levels, helping to detoxify the body, and adding flavour to your food. In addition, the oil is fragrant. 

The aroma oils fragrance has a woody, warm and fresh scent with a magnetic intensity. The infused cardamom in Scent Australia's Pepperwood Fragrance Oil takes it a notch higher. It is a perfect complement to a sandalwood and cedarwood heart with its classic musky amber that leaves one with a feeling of contentment. 

Bois Secret Oil (15ml)

The 15ml fragrance introduces Patchouli aromatics with top notes of Lavender and Cypress alongside hints of Incense and Musk. Inspired by a Sandalwood masterclass and a workshop filled with scented dust, the aroma is rich and luxurious. 

Bois secret oil gives off a sweet, woody, warm smell with hints of incense, a characteristic and unique scent that is perfect for your scent diffuser. 

New Gold Oil (15ml)

Are you looking for a crisp, intoxicating scent with a feral edge? Scent Australia's new gold oil is the right fragrance for you. The flowery scent of citrus infused with exotic lush greenery; aromatic wood elevates the blend. 

In addition, the musk adds a subtle warmth to the sweet, sensual heart of this luxurious and powerful fragrance.

Old Book Oil (15ml)

Nothing beats the woody and homey smell of opening an old book. Old Book oil exhibits a similar fragrance; it opens the page with top notes of cucumber, eucalyptus, and bergamot. Then, infused with artemisia, lavender, and amber; the Sandalwood and vetiver round up the blend, leaving one with an immersed and pleasant feeling that one can't shake off for a while. 

While these Scent Australia fragrances are similar to Santal 66, they differ in their unique scents, making them the perfect choice for different customers. They are available in 15ml for your micro diffusers; browse our website to see the best option for your home.