House to Hotel

Make your home smell like a 5-star hotel

How good is the feeling you get when you get to a place that smells amazing? All your senses are heightened by a joy of euphoria that your sense of smell easily awakens. 

Think about a vacation and how good your room at a spa hotel smells like. It is truly a moment you notice and appreciate. This hotel made your stay unforgettable thanks to its décor or scented ambience, but even up to this date you still remember that feeling.

Well, we know exactly what you are talking about and need, Scent Australia Home is here to help you revisit this one moment and make it yours for as long as you need or want it.

If you want to make your home feel like a 5-star hotel, Air Aroma has been designing unforgettable ambient scents for several world-wide hotels you have probably heard of.

Moving people emotionally is a skill that Air Aroma has mastered for more than 20 years. So it is no wonder why their scents are so addictive while you have hotel guests providing positive feedback only about their unique, luxurious signature scents

Signature scents have the power to take us back in time, it moves our emotions, and it creates a special bond that’s almost unbreakable when you think about it.

If you can’t travel this year or in the near future, don’t worry about it! make your home feel like you are in a hotel 24/7 and stay indoors feeling just as relaxed. The magic of travel doesn’t have to be forgotten either, simply add to your scent collection one of Air Aroma’s diffusion equipment along with a wide range of fragrances and essential oils.

Choose between Lemongrass Tea, Sencha, Illuminate or Longboard or select from customised scents offered in other products like aromatherapy candles at hotels. 

While some hotels prefer not to share their custom blend, Air Aroma can help you find a selection of similar scents to match the one you smelled at that memorable hotel. How good is that!?

If you ever stayed at the Sofitel, Atlantis, Bahamas, The William Vale, Fairmont Hotels and the Ritz Carlton you were most likely captivated by their luxurious scents, but the good news is you can now have that moment back and bring it to the comfort of your own home.

Get in contact today with Air Aroma or visit their website to find out more.