How Many Reeds Should I Put in a Diffuser?

The usage of aroma diffusers has grown in popularity as a means to fill our homes with enticing fragrances that provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Reeds or sticks are used in these diffusers to draw up the aromatic oils and release their smell into the atmosphere. However, people frequently wonder, "How many reeds should I put in a diffuser to achieve the best results?" In this article, we'll look at the variables that affect how many reeds to use and show you how to strike the ideal balance for the best possible olfactory experience.


  1. Consider the Size of Your Diffuser

The size of your diffuser is one of the key elements in figuring out how many reeds you should utilise. Reeds are needed to adequately disseminate the scent, and smaller diffusers will need fewer while bigger ones would need more. As a general rule, you should start with 4-6 reeds for diffusers that are smaller (100-200 ml), and 8-12 reeds for diffusers that are bigger (200-500 ml). However, this may differ based on the diffuser's manufacturer and style, so always verify their guidelines.

  1. Assess the Room Size

The quantity of reeds also depends on the size of the space where the diffuser will be placed. Naturally, more reeds are required in larger spaces to distribute the aroma equally. Consider utilising a diffuser with additional reeds or many diffusers spaced thoughtfully across a bigger living room or open-concept area.

  1. The Intensity of Fragrance Desired

The number of reeds in a diffuser can influence the intensity of the fragrance released into the air. More reeds generally lead to a stronger scent, while fewer reeds result in a more subtle aroma. If you prefer a gentle and understated fragrance, start with fewer reeds and gradually add more until you reach your desired level of scent.

  1. The Thickness of the Reeds

Not all reeds are created equal. Some diffusers come with thicker reeds that are designed to release more fragrance. If your diffuser includes thicker reeds, you may need to use fewer of them to achieve the desired aroma. On the other hand, if the reeds are thin, you may need to use more to get the same effect.

  1. Experiment and Observe

It may take some trial and error to get the ideal amount of reeds for your diffuser. Start by adding a few reeds to the diffuser and watching to see how the scent spreads. Add a few extra reeds if you think the aroma is too weak. On the other hand, if the scent is too strong, try removing a few reeds and observe how the strength changes.

  1. Don't Forget to Rotate

The reeds must be rotated often to maintain an even dispersion of aroma. Once a week or once every few days might be used for this. The reeds may be gently flipped to expose the wet ends to the air, which encourages continual diffusion.

In conclusion, the quantity of reeds you should use in a diffuser is determined by a variety of variables, including the diffuser's size, the room, the desired scent strength, and the thickness of the reeds. You may need to experiment to get the ideal balance, but with a little trial and error, you'll create the ideal fragrant environment for your living area. To preserve a lasting and delicious scent that enhances your house with its warm charm, remember to rotate the reeds frequently. Enjoy the process of determining the appropriate quantity of reeds and take in the delightful aromas that turn your living area into a haven of peace and relaxation. Check out Scent Australia Home for reed diffusers to suit your lifestyle.