The Best Oils To
Put In Your Diffuser

Everyday activities like cooking can bring about smells that are pleasant. Then again, other household activities such as cleaning and baby care may create scents that are… not so nice.

As time goes by, a home may begin to have a mixture of lingering smells. While some may be subtle and unnoticable, there are others that are not so easy to ignore.

If you have found yourself in this scenario and are looking for a way to get rid of these odours, you may be able to find the solution in premium fragrances and diffusers! There are great diffuser oil blends that can help not only remove the stench in your home but also promote good health.

The Best Oils to Put In Your Diffuser

Many people want to get their homes to smell better, especially if they have small children and older family members living with them. If this is your goal, here are some great blends of diffuser oils that you can use to enhance your living space.

1 - For a Balanced Home

To get your home to smell balanced and fresh, try this blend. This will help you get rid of the unwanted smells and replace them with aromas to induce relaxation:
• 2 drops Lavender and Basil Oil
• 2 drops Bergamot Amber Oil
• 1 drop Light Blue Oil

2 - To Promote Good Health

Aromatherapy involves the use of fragrances to promote good health. Use this blend to help you boost your immune system and stay away from viruses and diseases:
• 2 drops Orange Verte Oil
• 2 drops Lavender and Basil Oil
• 2 drops Mediterranean Fig Oil
• 1 drop Tea Tree Lemon Oil

3 - The Great Outdoors

If you want to use a blend that will give your home a fresh smell that will remind you of the coastal breeze and musty scent of trees, this blend is for you:
• 3 drops Dream Oil
• 3 drops Bergamot and Basil Oil

4 - For Clean Air

Having clean air in a home is essential. This diffuser oil blend will help you achieve this goal:
• 3 drops Exhilarate-Optimism Oil
• 2 drops Envigorate Oil

5 - A Homey Aroma

This particular blend of oils will help bring a cozy feel to your home:
• 3 drops Orange Blossoms Oil
• 3 drops Lemon and Ginger Oil
• 3 drops French Vanilla Oil


There are many blends of fine fragrances that you can use to help you and your family relax after a long day and get rid of stress after a particularly difficult day. Especially nowadays, when everyone is stuck at home, it is worthwhile to invest in a way to make the home smell homey and cozy.

Diffusers may be used to help get rid of unwanted odors and help people maintain optimal health. Instead of repeatedly cleaning your home trying to get rid of foul odors and smells to no avail, it may be time to try using diffuser oils and see for yourself the many benefits it can provide.

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