The Taboo of Chemistry

The Golden age of scents is from spans the 1910s to the end of the postwar boom and was founded upon two repressions, synthetic ingredients were seldomly introduced. However, Guerlain and Chanel, who could afford natural ingredients, based every perfume that they created on and favour the quality of natural. A member of the Groupe du Coliseé along with Pierre Bourdon and Alberto Morillas has co-signed Questions de parfumerie, natural is seen as ‘good’, the sole dispenser of the scents that will go into ‘real’ perfumes.

The Natural Value

Natural ingredients create value in more ways, such as eco-responsibility, sustainable development and fair trade adding a further layer of ethical value. However, natural is often costly, and brands could resist including them in their products due to the price point.

Having natural ingredients in the base of the oils is crucial to ensure that the scented oils are accurate to the original natural fragrance. Therefore, it is essential to natural resources are used effectively and prepared properly in the process of making oils. It is concluded that the obsession from consumers for natural products is well valued in the industries as well, it provides attention to the details and the luxurious signature smells through an organic process.

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