Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternative To Dream Oil

The fragrance Dream is one of Scent Australia's bestsellers; its highly seductive fragrance can enchant one into a dream. The oil starts with the simple and elegant notes of fresh citrus, amber and jasmine and is completed with the aromatic accords of bergamot, musk, and tea. 

Dream's aroma is reminiscent of the simple measures of pleasure and how life can be what you perceive it to be. Thus, it is a perfect fit for everyone. However, if you have tried the Dream fragrance oil and would love to try something different, below are a list of other yet similar scented oils to our Dream diffuser oil. 

Concerto Oil (15ml)

The vibrancies of summer fruits and the hum of soft jazz inspire the Concerto Oil. Top notes of mandarin, bergamot, amber and jasmine are expertly blended to create a highly seductive fragrance with simple, elegant, aromatic accords full of fruity freshness. 

The mix is warmed with melon and tea. A timeless discovery of delicate sweetness that unconsciously navigates your senses to an exotic place of desire and diversion from daily concern. The relaxing aroma is great for homes and offices. 

Our Lemon Tree Oil (15ml)

This 15ml elegant fragrance omits zests of Lime, Petitgrain and Cardamom to create a zestful infusion. These top notes are supported by middle notes of Green Tea and Coriander to enable earthy perfumes in Scent Australia Home lemon tree oil. 

Our lemon tree oil is complete with White Musk, Cedar and Rose that sit among the garden bed, runs parallel, and offer a hint of floral savour. This enhances the seductive yet simple aroma of the diffuser oil. 

Caju Oil (15ml)

Beneath the water reeds, a friendly "Bula!" amongst fallen coconuts and a transparent turquoise is found. Caju Oil is inspired and derived from the shorelines of Fijian islands and the omnipresent local smiles. Top notes of lemon, lime, grapefruit and clary sage are expertly blended in accord. 

Caju oil is boosted with orange rind, galbanum and cypress and is finished off with the luxurious aromatics of musk and oakmoss. It is a perfect fit for your home micro diffuser to ignite a rejoicing response in everyone that enters your space. 

Limoncello Oil (15ml)

Limoncello diffuser oil's aroma is similar to Dream's, with its top notes of Lemon, Myrtle and Thyme Heart. In addition, this aromatic creation is guarded by kisses of sweetness from Fig and Lavender. 

Cedarwood, Musk and a pinch of Patchouli balance the rustic yet luxurious aroma of the fragrance oil. Limoncello is the perfect scent that communicates the ability to be free and escapism worth yearning for.