Rich Moodiness Pack.


Rich and enigmatic, these scents evoke a mood of luxurious intensity and captivating allure. As the aromatic mist envelops, the air transforms into a realm of mystery. Smokey leather, velvety woods, and aromatic florals weave a tale of intrigue, and create a rich and moody escape.

Fig Tree Oil (15ml)

A sparkling fresh fig accord with citruses and lavender undertones enhanced by leafy green notes, leads you to a sensual body of cedarwood and ripe plums. Fresh cyclamen and musks complete this creation.

Santal 66 Oil (15ml)

The fragrance features sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris.

Baccarat Oil (15ml) 

Saffron and Jasmine lead this scent, followed by Amberwood and Ambergris. Finishing notes of Fig, Resin and Cedar complete the concoction.

Jardin De Carthage Oil (15ml) 

Jardin de Carthage houses top notes of Bergamot and Orange Blossom to meet Rose, Peony and Jasmine. Base notes of Cedarwood, Amber and Musk crown the nature of the aroma, creating an aura of energy and ability.

Country Linen Oil (15ml)

Invitations of Lemon and Peach are combined with Carnation, Lillies, Rose, Lilac and Jasmine. The freshness of linen amoungst a prospering countryside are made evident through hints of Oakmoss, Vetiver, Cedar and Sandalwood. Closing notes of Honey and Tonka Bean leave you with warmth and comfort, leaving one yearning for more.

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