Oud - Designer Range (30ml) Duo


Sourced from our exclusive French perfumery - we welcome you to experience the gold standard of redolence with Oud.

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2 x 30ml Oud - Designer Range Oils

Diffuser Adaptability:

Please note: This 30ml is only compatible with the Macro Diffuser. It will not screw into The Micro or Element Diffusers.

The Creation

Saffron, Oud, and Geranium guide this luxe infusion, met by mid notes of cedar and nutmeg. Base notes of leather and sandalwood round out this full-bodied fragrance indulgence.

The Inspiration

"The old trees formed a canopy above her, shading her in captivating seclusion. She breathed in the woody air, wrapped in its intoxicating intensity. The night air was pregnant with mysterious potential, bewitching in its endless possibility. She exhaled, entranced."

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SKU: SAH5197
Barcode: 9360369019138

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