Terra Edition #9 Room Spray (50ml)

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The Creation
Elements of Smoked Cedar meet with a Black Tea to create this accord. Middle notes of Bergamot, Guaiacwood, Vetiver are accompanied by Clove Leaves and Musk to complete the infusion.

The Inspiration
The day was dark. Dense clouds harmonised with the overarching mood of solitude. A sense of welcomed calm. Steam poured from the brewed black tea into the atmosphere surrounding seeping into cracks in the walls, a sign of gradual movement. A home is stained. Stained with echoes of laughter, escaping from the mouths of those enclosed. Tainted by the footprints that line the halls; mirrors kissed by shadows that fill their framework. Even upon the sun-less days, a warmth can be found omnipresent within.
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Barcode: 9352292099509
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United States

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