10 Ways You Can Use Your Luxury Room Spray

One way to do this is to use a scented room spray. The scent will instantly refresh the space, but it will also last a couple of hours if the scent is high quality. If you'd like to refresh your house or hotel room with a spritz, here are five new ideas.

  1. Spritz into the Cupboards

If you've got any cupboards in your space that are empty, spray their insides with a room spray and close the door. The scent will fill the room without ever seeing the scent, which might clash with your interior design.

  1. Add to Fresh Linen

If you wash and dry bed sheets or tablecloths, it's a good idea to spritz on a room spray. This freshens the linen while it dries and helps the scent disperse throughout the house.

  1. Spray Your Mattress

If you're planning on a full night's sleep in a hotel room, spritz your bedding with a room spray. The scent will keep the room smelling fresh overnight, and the smell will cling to the pillows and sheets.

  1. Spritz on Your Table

Spraying a room spray on a table will add subtle flavour to any space. Spraying a table is a great way to add a subtle scent to a room without overpowering the space.

  1. Spray Over Your Carpet

If you're driving, sometimes the car can smell a bit stale. If you're headed to an important destination, and you're worried that your car smells, spritz the carpet and the seats with a room spray. You'll be able to add a subtle scent to the vehicle without being overwhelming.

  1. Spritz the Air in a Hotel Room

If you're staying in a hotel, it's a good idea to spritz the air with a room spray. This will help freshen the air, but it will also help you relax if you're in a new environment.

  1. Spritz Your Pillow

If you're staying in a hotel for the first time, spritz your pillow with a green-scented room spray before you lay down. This will help you relax and feel at home.

  1. Spritz Around Your Freshly Cleaned House

If you've just gotten back from a trip and have freshened up the house, spritz the space with a room spray. This will help you decompress and enjoy the familiar scent of your home.

  1. Layer the Scent

If you'd like to layer a room spray fragrance with other scents, like fresh flowers, spritz the air with a room spray before you add the flowers. This will help the room spray linger in the room.

  1. Spritz the Car Before a Road Trip

Before you head to the destination of a road trip, spritz the car with a room spray. The scent will stay with the vehicle, and the passengers will enjoy the freshness of the smell.


If you want to infuse a room with scent, reach for a room spray. Room sprays are a great alternative to a candle or a scented candle. They're also easier to use because they don't require a flame. Use a room spray if you want to use scent to soothe your space.

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