Did You Know This About Essential Oils?

Flowers, leaves, roots, oils - you name it, plants have been used by humankind for centuries, for all kinds of experiments. With essential oils quickly becoming a household staple, there have been reports on the benefits of:

  1. Eucalyptus: May help with respiratory problems such as congestion and bronchitis.
  2. Clary sage: Considered a mild sedative that assists with relaxation.
  3. Peppermint: Is reported to relieve common cold and flu symptoms, headaches, fevers and stomach upsets.
  4. Cypress: May aid circulation and calms varicose veins.
  5. Lavender: Widely cited for its relaxation benefits, and it also claimed to be antibacterial.
  6. Rosemary: Reported benefits for brain function and memory.
  7. Sandalwood: A natural aphrodisiac and libido booster.
  8. Tea tree: Believed to be a natural antiseptic that can cleanse the body.
  9. Rose: Often suggested to treat acne and aggravated skin.
  10. Grapefruit: A potential metabolism enhancer and cellulite reducer.
  11. Frankincense: Said to strengthen skin for a healthy glow.
  12. Blue chamomile: Believed to be a soothing sedative useful for insomnia, as well as an antiseptic used in treating burns, wounds and bruises.
  13. Jasmine: Known as a mood booster and general energy raiser.
  14. Bergamot: Reported to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. May also have benefits for the heart and vascular system.
  15. Neroli: Believed to be an appetite suppressant that also helps to alleviate symptoms of stress and menopause.


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