Diffuser 101- How Many Reeds Should You Put In There

There's nothing like going home and relaxing after a hard day's work. But if you want to elevate this comfortable experience further, you can take a warm bath or shower as you use your favourite products or watch your favourite movie or TV show. Another way to enhance this is to use a reed diffuser and spread your favourite scent around your home.

In case you don't know, fragrance has a lot of effects on mood and emotions. Diffusing a scent into your living space can help create a calm and relaxing environment. It can also help to boost your mood and productivity.

With reed diffusers, there are many things to consider. But one of the most important factors is how many reeds to put in there. Of course, this depends on various factors you'll learn more about as you read this article.


The Best Size for Your Reeds

You might think all reed diffusers are the same since they are just cylinders with reeds sticking out of them. But there is a lot of difference in size, and the size of your diffuser will determine how many reeds you need.

The standard size for reeds is usually around 2.75 mm to 3.25 mm. Of course, the thicker your reed is, the more oil it can hold and the more fragrance it will produce. So, if you have a diffuser with larger reeds, you won't need as many as you would if you had a diffuser with thinner reeds.

But even if your diffuser has thin reeds, you'll still need at least four or five reeds to get the most fragrance. And, if you have a diffuser with thicker reeds, you might only need two or three.


How Many Reeds to Use

Various factors can affect your decision-making on the number of reeds to use. These include:

  • Fragrance Sensitivity. While having a nice-scented area can help you feel comfortable and unwind, some people are very sensitive to smells and may not enjoy a heavily scented room. If you fall within this description, use fewer reeds to avoid overwhelming yourself or others in the room. 
  • Size of the Room. If you own a small room, use fewer reeds to prevent the smell from overpowering the space. Meanwhile, if you have a large room, use more reeds to ensure the smell fills the entire area. 
  • Strength of the Scent. If you want a lighter scent, you'll need fewer reeds than if you want a stronger scent. The fragrance oil you use can also affect how many reeds you need.
  • Type of Fragrance. Some scents are stronger than others. You might only need two or three reeds if you have a diffuser with a particularly strong scent.
  • Location of Diffuser. If the reed diffuser is in a high-traffic area, you will need more reeds to ensure the scent is detectable to everyone.
  • Remember, these are just guidelines. Depending on the factors discussed earlier, you might need more or fewer reeds.


    Final Thoughts

    The number of reeds you put in your diffuser will affect the intensity of the scent. If you want a heavier scent, include more reeds. If you want a more subtle scent, add fewer reeds. Experiment with different numbers of reeds to find the perfect balance for you.

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