Fragrance and Branding: Why You Should Add Scent to Your Brand

Advertising and marketing aren’t how they used to be a decade ago. With the emergence of new technologies and the significant shifts in consumer behavior, a business must develop creative and impactful strategies to gain customers, build brand awareness, and drive success.

These days, anything can influence an individuals’ purchasing decision—and when we say “anything,” we mean it! The visual interpretation of a brand has always been crucial when developing advertising and marketing campaigns, but photos and videos aren’t the only ways you can build your company’s brand.

Besides the conventional ways of promoting a company, you may also want to consider appealing to your audience through their sense of smell!

The Smell of Success

Never underestimate the power of aromas—olfactory advertising strategies have proved to be highly effective in reaching the minds and hearts of customers, even more than traditional strategies. 

Harnessing our most potent sense, smell, increases the chances of a campaign to be remembered than advertisements involving touch, hearing, or seeing. Scent branding is no hypnosis technique, but it undoubtedly effectively influences and convinces anyone exposed to an olfactory ad campaign.

Why You Should Add Scent to Your Brand

Scent branding may be invisible and intangible, but its influence on a company’s brand identity is significant and monumental! The right bend of fragrance oils can change how your customer feels and interact with your product in a way that favors you.

When it comes to the work environment, scent marketing can also benefit your employees. Smells can increase your staff’s productivity and alertness, resulting in better performance and team morale. If you still haven’t invested in scent branding, then you’ve most definitely have been missing out!

The Scent Branding Process

Although scent branding doesn’t involve writing a witty caption or creating captivating visuals, it doesn’t mean that choosing a fragrance oil you like and using the best oil diffuser will automatically increase your sales and enhance your work environment. 

Developing an olfactory brand is a science and an art—it involves a careful process of studying your brand, exploring aromas and selecting the perfect blend of diffuser oils. Developing an olfactory brand include:

  • Understanding Your Brand’s DNA

  • Your olfactory logo must reflect your brand accurately. To achieve this, it’s essential to define your unique promise, brand personality, values, and emotions you’d want to be associated with your brand experience.

    Once you’ve identified your brand statement, you’ll be able to work through the following steps to create a scent that supports the brand foundation.

  • Working With Scent Branding Professionals

  • Your brand statement helps guide you through the scent branding process, but the wide selection of aromas can make it challenging to create the perfect blend. Branding is complicated, even just by using scents. As such, you must make sure to collaborate with the best scent branding strategists and perfumers for your signature scent.

    The world of scents is wide and varied—having experts on your team can help you navigate through the complexities of aroma development.

  • Deciding Points for Diffusion

  • Simply using the best oil diffuser isn’t enough; it’s also essential to determine the ideal location for the diffuser. To determine the placement of the fragrance oil diffuser, make sure to look back at your brand statement. With this, you can decide which location can make your scent act as a backdrop or create a more identifiable presence.


    Scents are powerful and impactful to the success of a company’s branding. With suitable fragrance oils and expert advice, you’re sure to increase brand loyalty, create an opportunity for productisation, and generate more revenue with a well-developed olfactory brand!

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