How To Avoid Fragrance Fatigue By Choosing The Right Scent

What is Nose Blindness?

Nose blindness, also known as olfactory or fragrance fatigue, refers to losing a sense of specific odors after being exposed to them for long periods. Our olfactory receptors detect scents and communicate what they are to the brain. When this happens often, and with similar scents, olfactory fatigue can be triggered. 

The human olfactory system is particularly receptive; it can't handle continuous streams of stimulating odors, even if pleasant. This causes the senses to shut down, resulting in a complete loss of odour perception. It follows that you should be mindful of the scents you put out in your space, and consider a monthly scent change to avoid fragrance fatigue in your business. 

Changing the scent of your space monthly is a great marketing move that can impact the emotions of your customers and clients, and help with memory formation. By using a scent diffuser, you can easily change up your office scent to eliminate nose blindness, and impress your clientele consistently. 

How Do You Combat Nose Blindness?

When used correctly, fragrances can positively affect product perception and customer loyalty. The strength of these reactions will typically differ according to the concentration of fragrance oil used.

It's not easy to trick the human brain, but there are several ways to regain smells in instances of nose blindness. For example, lemon and coffee to help counter the smell of fragrances as it works like a "palate cleanser" for our noses. 

This is why perfume businesses always have a cup of coffee beans to help clients "reset" and eliminate olfactory fatigue when choosing the right scent. 

How Do You Prevent Nose Blindness?

There are several tricks you can do to prevent nose blindness in a work setting. 

  • Keep your office space clean and remove "heavy scent" items, such as trash and food;
  • Clean bathrooms regularly to eliminate mouldy scents and unpleasant smells;
  • Ask your employees for feedback on the office fragrance, and make adjustments accordingly. 

Being intentional about fighting nose blindness can greatly improve the operations of your business. Choosing the right scents that can trigger happy emotions in customers is definitely a huge deal.

With that being said, be mindful of the scents that you choose and sure that they're powerful enough to leave a lasting impression but delicate enough to prevent fatigue.

Floral and musky scents are often helpful, as they emit a warm and relaxing ambience, while citrus and woody scents can evoke excitement and luxury. Be careful to match the mood of your space to the correct fragrance blend.

The Bottom Line: Nose Blindness is Something Your Business Needs to Consider

Nose blindness is a real thing. You should take steps to ensure that you have a space that works against olfactory fatigue. Changing up your office scent with a scent diffuser from time to time and choosing scents that will help trigger the right emotions is key to an impressive scent marketing tactic!

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