What You Need To Know Before Using Room Spray As A Perfume

Budget-conscious shoppers are sharing their secrets when it comes to buying expensive perfumes. Seeing as designer scents can really put a dent in your bank account, many are resorting to spritzing on some room spray instead. 

Although they smell great and can be more affordable than designer scents, room sprays tend to have a higher concentration of alcohol and chemicals. These substances can trigger skin irritation, that’s why healthcare professionals don't advise wearing room sprays directly on your skin. Instead, the best practice is to just waft it onto your clothing. 

The Problem with These Scents

Scents play a huge role in our life as it triggers different emotions and affects our moods. Besides that, scents can magically transport us to different moments in our lives.

However, the problem with room fragrances for personal use is the ingredients that make up each bottle. Room sprays, laundry detergents, air fresheners, and other cleaning products contain up to 350 ingredients, most of which are synthetic compounds. 

The blend of these ingredients can be irritating when applied directly to your body. Some people will experience skin irritation and other severe health conditions, such as respiratory issues, developmental issues, and heart ailments. 

Eczema and Scents

According to the National Eczema Society, it's recommended that people with eczema should be wary about the clothes, blankets, and sheets that come into direct contact with their skin. Although many of us want the soft and fragrant fabric to lie on, it's important to use fragrance-free detergent to manage eczema symptoms. 

Commercial laundry products can cause a reaction to your skin, so it's best to avoid irritants and materials that can cause skin inflammation. But if you wish to still have pleasantly smelling sheets, using organic and high-quality fragrance oils can do that trick!

Psoriasis and Scents

Psoriasis is the result of an impaired skin barrier. Your skin is vulnerable to chemicals in fragrance products, making it best to avoid laundry cleaners, room sprays, and other fragrance-filled products.

Just like for people with eczema, patients with psoriasis should wash their garments with fragrance-free detergent and natural fragrance oils to reduce skin irritation. In addition, be conscious about the materials of your clothes and bedsheets, ensuring that they're made from soft fibres like cotton to help ease skin irritation. 

The Bottom Line: Go Natural Instead!

Many people are reaching for their room spray and spraying it all over their bodies because it's the cheaper alternative to designer scents. But there's an even better solution to your scent  — natural fragrance oils. 

There's no denying that natural products have made waves in the lifestyle industry, and they will continue to grow now that more people realize their benefits. So instead of reaching for your room spray, grab the more affordable and safer option—your natural home fragrance oils. 

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