Decorate With The Fudge Spray

One of the big headaches of homemakers is what to do during festive seasons. Of course, there are a lot of options for Christmas, New Years and the like, but choosing what decoration, what fragrance, and what ambience to go with can be a huge chore. Decision paralysis can really set in during these periods, and it's important to have a decoration plan ready to go. 

Easter, for example, is one festive season where families and friends gather to celebrate in the sun and eat Easter eggs. It can be really difficult to choose what fragrance and decorating style to go with during an occasion like that. 

That's why Homes To Love, a publication about interior decor, put out an article about 10 Easter decorating styles to style your home with. One stand out decorating advice they had was to try decorating with the Chocolate Fudge Room Spray from Scent Australia. While that may seem odd, because you might wonder how one decorates with scent, their explanation is really enlightening. 

One of the most powerful senses is scent, and it makes sense that imbuing your home with the undeniably festive fragrance of chocolate through the Easter season will make your home amazing and welcoming to guests. Since the fudge spray blends the scent of dark chocolate with the smooth smell of caramel and vanilla creme, it's just the right scent to welcome your guests into the festive season. 

It will also have them wondering whether you've got a treasure trove of yummy chocolate hidden somewhere beneath the floorboards!