The Sweet Smell Of Chocolate

Have you noticed that Easter gifts are often centered around chocolate? Chocolate Easter eggs are probably the most common Easter gifts there are. While this is amazing for people who absolutely adore chocolate, it can make people who aren't fans of eating Chocolate feel left out. 

Thankfully, chocolate eggs aren't the only chocolate gifts you can get during Easter. In an Easter issue, Life Hacker outlined 18 Easter gifts that do not contain chocolate at all. One of the gifts stood out because of its peculiar chocolate-y nature. 

The gift in question is a Scent Australia Chocolate Fudge Oil. It's a fragrance from Scent Australia Home that will leave your space smelling like chocolate and will give you that smooth yummy fragrance that comes with actually getting chocolate Easter eggs. The great thing is that it does all of this without the calories that come with eating the chocolate itself. 

According to Scent Australia Home, the Chocolate Fudge Oil is a "truly decadent temptation without the calories! Rich, dark chocolate swirled with ribbons of buttery caramel and vanilla creme, sprinkled with toasted almond slivers and creamy hazelnut."

Hmm, sounds yummy, doesn't it?