Mediterranean Fig Oil

The Creation

Cool green fig leaves and zesty Argentine lemon give Mediterranean Fig its botanical fragrance that’s so rich you could almost eat it. Combining a floral rose scent with sweet jasmine and blue plum along with the essential component of earth oakmoss. With this scent in the air you’ll feel as though you’re walking through the South Australian Mediterranean Forrest. 

Woody patchouli and sandalwood mixed with a subtle musk scent bring a luscious green vibe to the table that brings this scent back to its earthy roots. 

Scent Australia provides this complex aromatic fragrance throughout Mimco stores to invigorate, uplift, rejuvenate, and revitalise the senses of customers across the nation. Walking into a store with this pure fragrance filling your senses will have you wanting to take it home for yourself. 

The Inspiration

He arrived at the airport early, thinking traffic would have been much worse than it was. After a week of visiting family, he was ready to go home to his family and his beloved garden. His wife didn’t have a green thumb after all and he was already cringing at the thought of what she might have done to his growing herbs and blossoms while he’d been away. 

Probably overwatered them, or perhaps not watered them at all. Either way, he knew they would need a lot of TLC when he arrived home. 

He took to the electronic notice board, watching for his flight to pop up on the screen, only to find it had in big bold red letters “delayed” next to his flight number. Although how delayed, it did not mention. 

An hour passed, two hours passed, he called his wife to let her know he would be late for dinner. Three hours passed since he had been sitting in the airport lounge, book in hand, while excited people were scurrying along to jet off on a new adventure somewhere thrilling no doubt. 

He just sat there, feeling frustrated by the delay and the lack of announcements until he could take it no longer. As he marched over to an information desk, he was ready to explode with anger. But something caught his attention and stopped him in his tracks. 

A citrus fragrance that smelled so good he needed to find out where it was coming from. Turning away from the desk, his frustrations vanished as though they were never there. He followed his nose to a shop and was captivated by the developing scent. Sweet and fruity, yet woody with a powdery musk that somehow made it more earthy than sweet

Why he hadn’t thought to go shopping with his spare time before he couldn’t remember. Now that his mind was occupied with finding the perfect gift for his wife in this store with homemade jams, relishes, sauces and more, to say thank you for looking after his garden, his worries melted away. 

Is Mediterranean Fig ready for your shelf?

If you’ve scented a room before, whether it be with an aromatic room spray, aroma fragrance diffuser oils, or scented candles, you might already know some of the benefits scenting a room can have on yourself and your guests. 

For centuries, essential oil blends have been used throughout the world for several reasons including relaxation, aromatherapy, ambient scenting for the home, healing properties, and even in cosmetics. Aromas for home depend on an individual’s taste and odour preference. 

The team at Scent Australia can help you design a signature scent, or you can choose from one of our many fragrant scents and essential oils online.  

Citrus scents are a favourite among scent-loving Australians and this makes Scent Australia’s Mediterranean Fig, much like a citrus floral perfume with sweet and earthy properties, a great choice for all. 

Paired with one of Scent Australia’s luxury diffusers from our wide range of luxury room diffusers including real wood diffusers, reed diffusers, and more, Mediterranean Fig fragrance oil is ready for every shelf.