New York Oil

The Creation

When you blend warm and inviting cinnamon with the floral scent of lavender and combine it with the sour citrus of a bergamot smell, you have the scent of New York in the midst of a cold winter. 

Combine the strength of a leather scent, rare as it is in scents, but known for a distinct smoky allure. Infuse that with the dry warmth of the smell of a freshly made mimosa, and you are pleasantly presented with the scent of New York in summer. 

Tobacco Leaf enhances the sweet earthy notes of New York’s famous Central Park and Hudson River, while opoponax adds a touch of healing honey to this complex scent to enrich the mossy wood undertones of guaiac wood and oakmoss, that gives New York Oil its luxury aroma.

New York Oil by Scent Australia brings you every season of the best parts of New York in one small aroma oil bottle, ready to be used in your chosen Scent Australia home diffuser to bring a touch of the exciting and alluring concrete jungle that is New York to your home. 

Similar to London by Burberry, New York is a scented aroma and essential oil that is perfect for a premium room fragrance as a luxury room spray, and is especially valuable for those looking for an interior scent that reminds you of five-star comfort.  

Used nationwide by MJ Bale stores throughout Australia, the official tailor to the Australian men’s cricket and State of Origin teams, this designer suit brand knows how to take luxury to the next level!

The Inspiration

Trudging alone in his wet leather boots through Central Park on a cold winter’s night, the bright lights from looming skyscrapers and apartment buildings of the concrete jungle lit his way along the tree-lined path. With winter setting in, the trees were dying and they filled the air with a strong and damp smell of mildew and musk.

The city that never sleeps was full of luxurious and busy stores that were open till late most nights before Christmas. But he preferred to take the quieter, colder, path through the closest thing New York had to the actual wilderness. 

He passed by a small Christmas market full of multicultural food stalls, colourful food trucks and delicious looking dessert stands, and allowed his senses to indulge in the exotic aromas and delicacies. 

Though he had somewhere to be, the breeze had a bite to it, a chill so vivid he would long to bite into the warmth of something with the taste of summer. Something that these food stalls, he could smell, were definitely supplying. He stopped briefly to buy himself a hot cinnamon doughnut for the rest of the walk. 

Cleaning the rest of the sugar and cinnamon crumbs from his chin to hide the evidence of having stopped when he was already late, he entered the café to a welcoming gust of what felt like hot summer air. 

It was a small and square café, with old red-brick walls lined with various portraits of flora and fauna from around the world. He recognised many native Australian plants that he had in his backyard at home. The solid wooden seats had a variety of pastel-coloured cushion covers, and the coffee and tea mugs shared the same pastels. 

What he liked most about the little café was that each small coffee table held a little centrepiece of fresh lavender in a small vase. It was a nice touch to make patrons forget about the cold winter brewing outside. 

Seeing his friends nestled in the corner keeping warm by a small fireplace, he made his way over to apologise for being late. He noticed many glasses on the table that were almost empty, but for their remaining melting ice cubes and leftover orange, lemon, and lime, peels. They had started on the cocktail menu without him. It was, after all, his last night in New York and it was to be celebrated. 

Not telling anyone about his earlier dessert, he playfully scolded them for starting without him and ordered a mimosa to get started. 

Is New York by Scent Australia the Right Scent for You?

Do you remember strolling through Central Park, enjoying the creative spirit of the residents of New York, waltzing through the city’s various top-end designer stores, and dwelling in some of New York’s prestigious hotels? Maybe you haven’t been yet but you’re dreaming of a luxurious New York holiday?

You might want to recall your momentous time in New York with a luxury fragrance for your room scent that “takes you back” to those elaborate New York hotel lobbies and designer stores.  

Whether you’ve been to New York or are searching for a complex luxury scent that stands out from the crowd, New York Oil is what you’ve been searching for. 

Available as a scented oil, a reed diffuser oil and as a fragrant room spray, New York fragrance oil will make you feel as rich in culture as the people of New York. 

Utilise Scent Australia’s fragrance samples’ opportunity to find your scent with fragrance test strips in your favourite and desired home perfumes, and don’t forget to have a look at our scent packs range for your customised scent packages at a great value. 

New York oil aroma will invigorate, rejuvenate, and energise the ambience of the room you scent. Pair your essential fragrant oil with one of Scent Australia’s powered oil diffusers, reed diffusers, wood diffusers, or a convenient air diffuser for the best results luxury can offer you. 

If you want to talk to a team member about New York Oil or any other scent that tickles your nostrils, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for further information and advice.