Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternative To Fig Tree

Indulge your love of Fig Tree fragrance with the Scent Australia Home range.

Fig is a highly beneficial tree; its fruit and leaves are commonly used to make medicine for digestive, high cholesterol, diabetes, and skin conditions. It has a sweet, fruity, relaxing and long-lasting scent, evoking natural forest-like aromatics. It's no surprise that the fragrance Fig Tree is one of Scent Australia's bestsellers.

Scent Australia Home produces the fragrance with sparkling fresh fig accords in perfect harmony with citrus and lavender undertones enhanced by leafy green notes. The fragrance was inspired by memories of ripened figs and sun-drenched orchards. The sweet scent is omnipresent, lasting beyond the following days, reminding us of simple measures to make sense of life's strains. 

Although Fig Tree fragrance remains a favourite, we recommend some similar scents for your home diffusers and room sprays. 

Mahogany Fig Oil

If you love the Fig tree fragrance, then you will love Mahogany Fig for your diffuser. It has a rich blend of spiced woods, and fresh figs sweetening the scent of the mahogany.

The scent is further infused with a heart of burnished leather and earthy patchouli, which leads to distinctive aromatics of sandalwood and soft moss, with golden amber creating the perfect sweet base. 

Mediterranean Fig Oil

Fresh, sensual and complex describe the refreshing accords of Mediterranean Fig Oil. Scent Australia produces this fragrance from a radiant burst of green fig leaves with a touch of fresh Argentine lemon, which leads to a rich floral heart of rose and Jasmin. 

A blend of patchouli, sandalwood, blue plum, musk, and oakmoss balances the florals and adds uniqueness and depth to this fragrance.

Mediterranean Fig Oil is a unique addition to your scents.

Fig & Sandalwood Oil

Relaxing and stimulating Fig & Sandalwood Oil is one you might never want to stop using.

Sandalwood is a tree native to India and Indonesia and has been used for centuries for its medicinal and skincare benefits. It is famous for its comforting, sensual, and seductive tones, making it a good base to complement or enhance other scents. 

Fig, as mentioned earlier, also has these benefits, but they feature their own fruity, sweet, soft, and unique scent. The blend produces an earthy ambience with an infused sweet and comforting fragrance. 

Scent Australia Home produces these fragrances in spray samples and tester strips, making it easy to try the scent before adding a new fig accord to your love affair with fragrance.